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What are LM 79 Test Outcomes?

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What are LM 79 Test Outcomes?

LM-79 is approved test method for electrical and photometric measurements of Solid State Lighting Products. It describes the procedure in measuring total luminous flux, electrical power, luminous intensity distribution, chromaticity under standard conditions. It covers LED based SSL products with control electronics and heat sink incorporated with AC or DC power supply. This does not include LED chips, LED package or LED module but luminaries (fixtures incorporating light source) as well as integrated LED lamps.

The equipment used in LM-79 is integrated sphere and goniophotometer.

Integrating Sphere                          Goniophotometer

The test report shall list all significant data for each SSL product tested together with performance data. The outcomes of the LM-79 test are:

  • Correction factor applied ( e.g. spectral mismatch, self absorption , intensity distribution etc.)
  • Measured total luminous flux( lumen(lm)), input voltage(v), current(a), power(w), Luminous intensity distribution(cd), efficacy(lm/w)
  • Color quantities( chromaticity coordinates, CCT, CRI )
  • Spectral power distribution
  • Bandwidth of spectoradiometer, if spectral distribution and/or color quantities are reported.
  • Statement of uncertainties (if required)
  • Deviation from standard operating procedures, if any.

Here is the link of a test report issued by our prestigious company. LM 79 Test Outcomes

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LED OT light Testing

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LED OT light Testing laboratory

If you are looking for LED OT light Testing Laboratory in India, ITC India Can Help You! ITC India one of the best LED OT light Testing Service Provider in India. ITCIndia Can do LED OT light Testing as per IEC 60601-1 Standard

LED Operation Theater Lights

Applicable Standards:

  1. IEC 60601-1

Essential Tests:

  1. Power input
  2. Protection against accidental contact
  3. Leakage current and patient auxiliary current
  4. Voltage drop test
  5. Touch current
  6. Earth Leakage Current
  7. Dielectric Strength Test
  8. Insulation Resistance
  9. Humidity preconditioning treatment
  10. Single fault condition
  11. Resistance to environmental stress
  12. Creepage and air clearance
  13. Pollution degree classification
  14. Protection against mechanical hazards
  15. Stability tests
  16. Protection against excessive temperature and other hazards
  17. Ingress protection tests like IP 20
  18. Push test , impact test
  19. Drop test

Snapshot of the LED OT light Test report issued: Total no of pages of full report is 122

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LM 79 Testing lab in India | laboratory For LED Testing ITCIndia

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LM 79 Testing at ITC India Pvt Ltd | LM 79 Testing laboratory in India

If you are looking for LM-79 Testing Laboratory in India, ITCIndia Can Do. ITC India NABL Accredited Electrical Safety testing Laboratory Providing LM-79 Testing.

ITC India have NABL accreditation Testing laboratory under ELECTRICAL , ELECTRONICS and  PHOTOMETRY testing with certificate no. T-3509 , T-3570 & T-1811. ITC India Testing Laboratory is fully equipped with high accuracy Measuring Instruments and  trained personal to provide testing and certification Services for Electrical and  Electronic equipments. ITC India Laboratory is following the procedure as required by International Standard IEC 17025 and is already certified for ISO/IEC 17025. ITC India offering this LM 79 testing services in all over India like , Mumbai , Chennai ,Ahmedabad , New Delhi, Pune, Banglore, Kolkata

ITC India Pvt Ltd. has recently installed the  Goniophotometers LED/SSL at its Mohali laboratory. This is in addition to integrated sphere in the field of photometry testing of lamps & luminaires. With this additional testing facility, ITC India is able to perform complete photometry testing on all kinds of lamps and luminaires including LED lamps, LED Street Light, LED Downlights, outdoor lighting, LED floodlight, LED Tube lights, LED spotlight , led light strips,  led light bars, led light fixtures, and luminaires.

ITC India Laboratory  is totally equipped with high accuracy testing instruments  like spectrometer , integrating sphere , Goniophotometer , power meter , LED driver tester , safety tester , environmental chamber , and many more to provide a total testing solution for LED based product

IES LM-79-08 standard

Approved Method: Electrical and photometric Measurements of Solid-state Lighting Product

Photometric Results

Colorimetric Parameters:

  1. Chromaticity coordinates: (Chroma x / Chroma y / Chroma u(u’) / Chroma v / Chroma v’)
  2. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  3. Duv Value
  4. Color Ratio
  5. Peak Wavelength (nm)
  6. Half Bandwidth (nm)
  7. Dominant Wavelength (nm)
  8. Color Purity
  9. Color Rendering Index (CRI – Ra)

Photometric Parameters:

  1. Total Luminous Flux (Lumens)
  2. Luminous Efficacy (Lumens/Watt)
  3. Radiant Power (Watts)

Electrical Results:

  1. Input Power (Watts)
  2. Input Voltage (Volts )
  3. Input Current (Amps)
  4. Power Factor
  5. Input Frequency (Hz)

Additional Parameters:

  1. Stabilization Time (Light and Power) = 60 minutes
  2. Test Geometry Configuration = 4π
  3. Spectroradiometer = (Lisun LMS-9000A Plus)
  4. Ambient Temperature = 25.0°C

ITC India Lab can do the testing of your LED product against the different standard like LM 79, IS 16106, IEC 60598-1, IEC 61347-2-13, IEC 62384, IEC62722-2-1, IEC 62031, IS 15885(part2/sec13), IS 16103, IS 16102, IEC 62612, and IEC 60969 etc  

LM 79 Testing for Solid State lighting; It includes below parameters like total lumens , CCT , CRI , Lm/watt , Luminous intensity distribution & electrical parameter like voltage , current , power & power factor ….

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ITC India have around 5000 clients from LED lighting division from All over India. if you are interested to Get LM 79 Test Report.If you’re Buyers Demanding for LM-79 Testing – Contact Now!

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Luminaries LED Product Testing

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ITC INDIA NABL Accredited Laboratory Provide  Luminaries/LED Product Testing AS Per LM 79 ,IS 16106:2012 ,IEC 61347-2-13 ,IEC 62384,IEC62722-2-1,IEC 62031,IS 15885(part2/sec13),IS 16103,IS 16102,IEC 62612,IEC 60969 Standards

If you have any query regarding Luminaries/LED Product Testing and Certification. Kindly send us your testing requirements with the product technical details to submit you our testing charges.

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LM-79 Testing Mumbai

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LM-79 Testing service in Mumbai

If you are looking for LM-79 Testing service in Mumbai Maharashtra India. ITC India NABL approved Electrical safety laboratory Can do LM 79 , IP 65 , testing against IEC/EN/ISO standards on your LED products, led light for luminous flux , CCT , CRI , Efficacy , charomaticity diagram, voltage , current , power , power factor, etc..

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