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What are LM 79 Test Outcomes?

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What are LM 79 Test Outcomes?

LM-79 is approved test method for electrical and photometric measurements of Solid State Lighting Products. It describes the procedure in measuring total luminous flux, electrical power, luminous intensity distribution, chromaticity under standard conditions. It covers LED based SSL products with control electronics and heat sink incorporated with AC or DC power supply. This does not include LED chips, LED package or LED module but luminaries (fixtures incorporating light source) as well as integrated LED lamps.

The equipment used in LM-79 is integrated sphere and goniophotometer.

Integrating Sphere                          Goniophotometer

The test report shall list all significant data for each SSL product tested together with performance data. The outcomes of the LM-79 test are:

  • Correction factor applied ( e.g. spectral mismatch, self absorption , intensity distribution etc.)
  • Measured total luminous flux( lumen(lm)), input voltage(v), current(a), power(w), Luminous intensity distribution(cd), efficacy(lm/w)
  • Color quantities( chromaticity coordinates, CCT, CRI )
  • Spectral power distribution
  • Bandwidth of spectoradiometer, if spectral distribution and/or color quantities are reported.
  • Statement of uncertainties (if required)
  • Deviation from standard operating procedures, if any.

Here is the link of a test report issued by our prestigious company. LM 79 Test Outcomes

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