LED Luminaires Testing Services


ITC India  Electrical Safety Testing NABL ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory providing LED Luminaires Testing Services in India

We are offering led luminaires testing services for Tenders and etc.

Fixed general purpose luminaries, luminaries for road and street lighting, aquarium luminaries, lighting chains, emergency lighting,

  1. General safety testing for luminaries
  2. Marking
  3. Construction
  4. External and internal wiring
  5. Provision for earthing
  6. Protection against electric c shock
  7. Resistance to dust, solid objective and moisture
  8. Insulation resistance and electric strength.
  9. Creepage and clearances distances
  10. Endurance and thermal test
  11. Resistance to heat ,fire and tracking
  12. Screw terminals
  13. Screwless terminals and electrical connections

led-lamps , led bulb , led based street lights ,flood lights , tube lights , dc or ac supplied electronic control gear for led modules , indoor-outdoor led luminaires etc

popular standards for led product testing are lm 79 ,is 16106:2012 ,iec 61347-2-13 ,iec 62384,iec62722-2-1,iec 62031,is 15885(part2sec13),is 16103,is 16102,iec 62612,iec 60969 etc

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If you are interested for LED Luminaires Testing and Certification, you can send us you product technical specification with Images, so that we can provide testing facilities and price.
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