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ITC India Providing IP Testing service in India. IP Testing labs in India : IP Testing As Per IEC 60529 ITC can do Electrical Safety testing against IP Testing for following types of products/standards:
We have developed a special testing facility against Solid particle protection & Liquid ingress protection generally called as the IP testing. We have below test facility at present in our;
1. IP 1X, IP 2X, IP 3X, IP 4X for protection of machine against Penetration by solid foreign objects
2. IP 5X for Dust Protection
3. IP 6X for Dust Protection
4. IP X3, IP X4, IP X5, IP X6, IP X7 & IP X8 for protection against ingress of water.

1X    protection against objects >50mm    X1    protection against vertically Dripping water
2X    protection against objects >12.5mm    X2    dripping water at -15° from vertical
3X    protection against objects >2.5mm    X3    protection against spraying water
4X    protection against objects >1mm    X4    protection aginst splashing water
5X    Dust Protected ( limited ingress)    X5    protection aginst low pressure jetting water
6X    Dust tight protection    X6    protection against high pressure jetting water
IP(Ingress Protection) Testing
Ingress protection (IP) testing at ITC India NABL accredited Electrical Safety Testing laboratory can determine a products susceptibility to solid particle (including dust) ingress and liquid ingress (water).

Protection of the tests specified in : the following standard :-
1. IEC 60529
2. BS EN 60529
This classification system utilize the “IP” (“Ingress Protection”) normally followed by two digits:
1. Ingress Protection of (IP) Ratings (Solid ingress)
2. Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings (Liquid ingress)
The testing will access the protection of the equipment against ingress of solid bodies and/or liquids, varying over differing degrees of protection, depending upon the requirements you place on your product.
Protection against solid/dust entry:
The test specified in the first digit of the Protection Index (IP1X, IP2X, IP3X, IP4X, IP5X, IP6X), meaning protection against solid particles and dust entry into the fixture according to the BS EN 60598-1 IEC 60598 – 1, IEC 60529.
1. IP1X Protection against solid object greater than 50mm diameter2. IP2X Protection against solid objects diameter exceeding than 12.5 mm
3. IP3X Protected against solid objects exceeding  than 2.5 mm diameter
4. IP4X Protected against solid objects exceeding than 1.0 mm diameter
5. IP5X Dust Protected
6. IP5X Dust tight (with a vacuum applied to the product)
Protection Index Against Water entry:

1. IPX1 Protected against dripping water
2. IPX2 Protection against dripping water at tilted to 15 degrees
3. IPX3 Protected against spraying water
4. IPX4 Protected against splashing water
5. IPX5 Protected against water jets

6. IPX6 Protected against powerful water jets
7. IPX7 Temporary immersion in the waterh position to prevent satisfactory operation of the item or to present a safety risk 8. IPX8
IP Testing service in India, Mumbai, Chennai, pune, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Ambala, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, New Delhi

If you have any query regarding IP Testing, Kindly send us your testing requirements with the product technical details to submit you our testing charges.
We are waiting for your earliest reply. You can call or write us for any clarification
Puneet Sharma | +91.8196980555 | [email protected] | ITC India Pvt. Ltd

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