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Why Do We Need to LM 79 Test?

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Why Do We Need to LM 79 Test?

LED is becoming so popular that it has replaced all other lightning sources like candescent lamp, CFL. Manufacturer have shifted to produce LED and making profits by selling low quality products in the market. This can deteriorate the LED business. LM 79 helps to access the LED by giving the photometric parameters and electrical parameters.

LM 79 focus on the absolute photometry, so it directly measures the total lumen of the complete lightning system including fixture, driver etc. LM 79 test report gives electrical and photometric parameter.

Photometric parameter: Luminous flux (lm), efficacy (lm/w), Luminous intensity distribution (candela), chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI)

Electrical parameter: voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor.

LM 79 Data enable objective product comparison and allows for evaluation relative to performance requirement.

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LM-79 Testing Mumbai

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LM-79 Testing service in Mumbai

If you are looking for LM-79 Testing service in Mumbai Maharashtra India. ITC India NABL approved Electrical safety laboratory Can do LM 79 , IP 65 , testing against IEC/EN/ISO standards on your LED products, led light for luminous flux , CCT , CRI , Efficacy , charomaticity diagram, voltage , current , power , power factor, etc..

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