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Photometric Testing for LED Lighting

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Photometric Testing for LED Lighting Laboratory

If you are looking for Photometric Testing Laboratory for LED Lighting In India, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Surat, Visakhapatnam and other city, ITC India Can Help You! ITC India one of the best Photometric Testing Laboratory in India.

We,Institute of Testing and Certification India Pvt. Ltd are a leading testing company/laboratory having a NABL accreditation under ELECTRICAL , ELECTRONICS & PHOTOMETRY testing with certificate no. T-3509, T-3570 & T-1811. Testing Laboratory is fully equipped with high accuracy Measuring Instruments & trained personal to provide testing and certification Services for Electrical and Electronic equipment’s. The Laboratory is following the procedure as required by International Standard IEC 17025 and is already certified for ISO/IEC 17025.

Our lab is totally equipped with following high accuracy testing instruments to provide testing solution for LED Lights as per IES LM 79-08 standards/IS 10322/IS 16102 part 2 

What should be the Content of IES LM 79-08 test report: The test report should contain below parameter:

  • Total Luminous Flux
  • Luminous Intensity Distribution, IES file
  • Electrical Power Characteristics( voltage , current , power , PF & Hz)
  • Luminous Efficacy (calculated)lm/watt
  • Color Characteristics (CRI, CCT…)

Why to choose ITC India: 

  • Have NABL under photometry attached is the copy
  • Very short turnaround time: Max 5 working days(can do in short time also)
  • Have local office in Major City 
  • We are always customer driven
  • Lowest testing rate in INDIA 

For your better understanding, we are going to show you the Photometric Testing report of latest LED in the following:

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LM-79 Testing | LM-79 Test Approved Methods

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LM-79 Testing | LM-79 Test Approved Methods

ITCIndia NABL Approved Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory, ITCIndia Laboratory is following the procedure as required by International Standard IEC 17025 and is already certified for ISO 17025 by NABL , has been awarded accreditation by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). Under the Energy Efficient Lighting Products Program. This includes LM-79 accreditation for Solid State Lighting Luminaires, Total Flux Measurements (Luminous Efficacy) & Solid State Lighting Luminaires, Luminous Intensity Measurements.

Definition of LM-79 Testing:

LM-79 is one approved method that describes procedures & precautions in performing measurement of LED products.

Scope of IES LM-79 testing:

LM-79 Testing is applied to solid-state lighting products that include the following requirements:

  • LED based products that are integrated control circuit and heat sinks
  • LED based products only requiring AC or DC power supply

And does not cover as bellow:

  • LED products requiring external operating circuits or heat sinks (bare LED chips, package and modules)
  • Fixtures designed for LED products but sold without a light source


Electrical Requirements:

  • SSL products work with AC power: voltage, electrical current, power, frequency, power factor
  • SSL products work with DC power: voltage, electrical current, power

Test Condition and Procedures/ LM-79 Procedures and Conditions:

  1. Ambient Conditions

  • Temperature–maintaining at 25℃±1℃ / Maintain temperature at 25 degrees C +/-1 degree C (within 1M)
  • Air Flow—limited/ Limited air flow
  • Mounting–limited thermal transfer


  1. Power Supply

  • Voltage regulation to +/- 2%
  • Voltage waveform (harmonic distortion< 3%) / AC wave shape limit to harmonic RMS of 3%
  1. Aging and Stabilization/ Seasoning and Stabilization

  • New SSL products can be put into tested without aging.
  • Before testing, SSL products should work for a certain time to reach up stable working temperature.
  1. Working Orientation/ Testing Orientation

  2. Electrical Settings

  3. Instrumentation

Test Method of Lm-79/ LM-79 Test Methods:

Integrating Sphere and Goniophotometer available to achieve the test report

Integrating Sphere: Integrating sphere systems are used to measure the total luminous flux and color for LM-79. This can be performed with a photometer (total luminous flux) or a spectral radiometer (spectral radiant flux). Utilizing a spectral radiometer and integrating sphere is the preferred method, which derives total luminous flux and color qualities form spectral radiant flux measurements. Click here to see (Video) how to do LM-79 Test with Integrating sphere systems

  • For measuring total luminous flux and color
  • Photometer – Total Luminous Flux
  • Spectral Radiometer (preferred) – Spectral Radiant
  • Flux (to derive total luminous flux and color qualities)

Goniophometer :  Goniophotometer systems are also used for LM-79 testing to measure luminous intensity distribution. The Goniophotometer system tests derive total luminous flux and provide color characteristics including CCT and CRI.

  • For measuring luminous intensity distribution
  • Total luminous flux is derived
  • Provides color characteristics with spectral radiometer including CCT, CRI

Testing Data of IES LM-79/ LM-79 Test Outputs and Calculations:

Photometric Requirements:


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