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Are You Looking for Impact Testing according to EN/IEC 62262?

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Impact IK Testing Laboratories
EN/ IEC 62262 Impact Testing Labs | Impact IK Test Laboratories

Are You Looking for Impact Testing according to EN/IEC 62262?

If you are looking for an Impact Testing according to IEC 62262 Laboratory in India, ITC India Can Help You! ITC India one of the best Impact Testing Service Provider in India. ITCIndia Can do Impact Testing as per IEC 62262 Standard

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EN/ IEC 62262 Impact Testing

Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures for Electrical Equipment Against External Mechanical Impacts (IK Code)
The IEC/EN 62262 standard defines an IK code which gives the equipment capacity to resist to mechanical impacts, on all the electrical enclosure surfaces.

Product on which IK is applicable :

  1. Electrical Enclosures
  2. Empty Enclosures
  3. CCTV Cameras
  4. LED street, Roadway and other lighting products
  5. Light Fixtures and many other products

Reference standards :

  1. IEC 60068-1
  2. 60068-2-75

Relevant product standards

We can execute impact testing describe above to any product standard. For Example:

  1. IEC/BS/EN 61429: Low voltage switch-gear and control assemblies
  2. IEC/BS/EN 62271: High Voltage switch-gear and control-gear.
  3. IEC/BS/EN 50130-5 Alarm System (Environment Test Method)
  4. IEC/ BS/EN  60598-1 Luminaries
  5. IEC 62696: Luminaries (Application of IK code as per  IEC/EN 62262)
  6. IEC /BS/ EN 62676-1-1 Video surveillance system for use in security applications.
  7. IEC /BS/EN 62208 Empty Enclosure for Low voltage switch-gear and control-gear assemblies.

Benefits of IK testing

It caters the evidence of the suitability of the enclosure for its intended environment.

  1. More durability
  2. High in demand
  3. Beneficial for the end user
IK Code Impact Energy in joules  Impact Testing
IK 01 0.14 J
IK 02 0.2 J
IK 03 0.35 J
IK 04 0.5 J
IK 05 0.7 J
IK 06 1 J
IK 07 2 J
IK 08 5 J
IK 09 10 J
IK 10 20 J
IK Code IK 00 IK 01 to IK 05 IK 06 IK 07 IK 08 IK 09 IK 10
Impact Energy Less than 1 J 1 J 2 J 5 J 10 J 20 J
R mm (Radius striking element)   10 10 25 25 50 50
Material Polyamide Polyamide Steel Steel Steel Steel
Mass in Kgs 0.2 0.5 0.5 1.7 5 5
Pendulum Hammer 🗹 🗹 🗹 🗹 🗹 🗹
Spring hammer 🗹 🗹 🗹 🗷 🗷 🗷
Free Fall 🗷 🗷 🗹 🗹 🗹 🗹
Spring Hammer Pendulum Hammer Free Fall
Spring Hammer Pendulum Hammer Free Fall

Request for Impact Testing Report as per EN/IEC 62262

Why choose ITCIndia For Impact Testing according to EN/IEC 62262?

ITCIndia is a leading provider of comprehensive testing services for electrical and LED lighting products. Our global network of technical experts, combined with our state of the art testing laboratories, assure a single source solution for meeting all applicable requirements, standards and voluntary schemes. And ITCIndia technical professionals are actively involved in international advisory boards and standards development activities, ensuring the most up to date knowledge of current and changing requirements.

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ITCIndia can assist companies in low-cost life testing and evaluating of their products for pre-compliance and compliance testing to schemes such as The Carbon Trust Enhanced Carbon Allowance

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Mechanical Strength Testing

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Mechanical Strength Testing

Do not just say your product is robust. Prove it!!! By Mechanical Strength Testing…….

Mechanical strength test gives the information about the strength, ductility, hardness and fracture toughness of the material. They are performed under many conditions such as impact, fatigue, load, compression, stress, elongation, tension and compression.

Let us have a look at the mechanical testing on Empty enclosures. IEC 62262 is a system which describes the degree of protection provided by enclosure for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts when the rated voltage is not greater than 72.5 V.

The objective of this standard is to give  definition of degree of protection, designation for the degree of protection , requirement for each designation and the tests to be performed to verify that the enclosure meet the requirement of the standard.

What are IK codes?

It is a coding system to indicate the degree of protection provided by the enclosure against harmful external Mechanical hazards.

IK code Impact Energy    

( Joules or J)

K00 No protection
IK 01-05 Impact <1 J
IK 06 Impact =1 joule
IK 07 Impact= 2 J
IK 08 Impact= 5 J
IK 09 Impact=10 J
IK 10 Impact=20 J

The apparatus required for the Impact with required energy are of three types:

  1. The Spring Hammer: The striking element consists of hammer shaft, hammer head and the cocking knob. The mass of the assembly is 250 Gms (for impact <1 J), 500gms (impact<2J). The pressure of the striking element shall not exceed 10 N.

  1. The Pendulum Hammer: This test apparatus is for the specimen requiring Impact of 2 J or above.

  1. The vertical Hammer: the hammer consists of a striking element which falls freely from rest through a vertical height.

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If Your Buyers Demanding for Mechanical Strength Testing – Contact Now!

Kindly send us the following Details, So that we can provide you quotation for the same:

  1. Product Name, Technical Specifications and Brochure
  2. Product Images
  3. Total Number of samples Required: 2

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IK Impact and IP Testing for LED Lights

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IK Impact and IP Testing for LED Lights

If you are looking for IK Testing Laboratory for LED Lighting In your Area, ITCIndia Electrical Safety testing Laboratory Approved from NABL. ITC India one of the best IK Impact Testing Laboratory in India, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Surat, Visakhapatnam.

ITCIndia “Institute of Testing and Certification India Pvt. Ltd” are a leading testing lab having a NABL accreditation under ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS and PHOTOMETRY testing with certificate no. T-3509, T-3570 and T-1811. ITCIndia Lab is following the procedure as required by International Standard IEC 17025 and is already certified for ISO/IEC 17025.

ITCIndia offers full IK Impact and IP Testing and certification services for LED Lighting luminaires to IEC 60598-2-3 Impact IK ratings are defined as IKXX, where “XX” is a number from 00 to 10 indicating the degrees of protection provided by electrical enclosures including luminaires against external mechanical impacts. The Impact IK rating scale identifies the ability of an enclosure to resist impact energy levels measured in joules. IEC 62262 specifies how the enclosure must be mounted for IK Impact and IP Testing, the atmospheric conditions required, the quantity and distribution of the test impacts and the impact hammer to be used for each level of Impact IK rating.

Standards for IK Impact and IP Testing for LED Lighting

IEC 62262 specifies the way enclosures should be tested for IK ratings which are defined as the level of protection the enclosures provided against external mechanical impacts. IEC 60598-1 (IEC 60529) specifies the test method used to classify and rate the degree of protection an enclosure provides against intrusion of various sized solid objects from fingers and hands to fine dust and the protection against water intrusion from falling drops to a high pressure water jet.IEC 60598-2-3 is the International Standard for Luminaires for Road and Street Lighting

Degrees of protection against external mechanical impacts
IK00 IK02 IK03 IK05 IK06 IK07 IK08 IK09 IK10
Non-protected 0.2J 0.35J 0.5J 0.7J 1J 2J |5J 10J 20J

IP ratings are defined as IPXX where the first X indicates the degree of protection against solid objects and the second X indicates the degrees of protection against water. A luminaire or lighting component with a rating of IP66 is dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets as described in IEC 60598-1 (IEC 60529).

Degrees of protection against solid objects
IP0X Non-protected
IP1X 50mm diameter and greater
IP2X 12.55mm diameter and greater
IP3X 2.5mm diameter and greater
IP4X 1.0mm diameter and greater
IP5X Dust-protected
IP6X Dust-tight

Degrees of protection against water
IPX0 Non-protected
IPX1 Vertically falling water drops
IPX2 Vertically falling water drops with enclosure tilted
IPX3 Spraying water
IPX4 Splashing water
IPX5 Water jets
IPX6 Powerful water jets
IPX7 Temporary immersion
IPX8 Continuous immersion

IK Impact and IP Testing for LED Lighting Products Ratings that demonstrate the degree of Impact Protection IK Impact and Ingress Protection are critical for LED Lights and other LED lighting products. IP ratings are required per IEC/EN 60598-2-3 for all roadway and street applications. Impact IK ratings are required in specific applications when high impact glass provides protection for the enclosed lamp

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