Earth leakage current Test

AC DC SMPS Adaptor Testing

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AC DC SMPS Adaptor Testing as per BS EN 60950, IEC 60950, IS 13252 Standards

If you are looking for AC DC SMPS Adaptor Testing Laboratory for AC DC SMPS Adaptor In India, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Surat, Visakhapatnam and other city, ITCINDIA NABL Approved Electrical Safety testing Lab Can Help You! ITC India one of the best AC DC SMPS Adaptor Testing Laboratory in India.

ITCIndia “Institute of Testing and Certification India Pvt. Ltd” are a leading testing company/laboratory having a NABL accreditation under ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS and PHOTOMETRY testing with certificate no. T-3509, T-3570 and T-1811. ITCIndia Laboratory is following the procedure as required by International Standard IEC 17025 and is already certified for ISO/IEC 17025.

Applicable Standards:

  1. BS EN 60950
  2. IEC 60950
  3. IS 13252

Essential Tests:

  1. Input Current
  2. Protections from Hazards
  3. Electrical insulation
  4. Humidity conditioning
  5. Clearance, creep age distance
  6. Mechanical strength tests
  7. Impact test
  8. Drop test
  9. Temperature Tests
  10. Touch Current & protective conductor current
  11. Electric strength
  12. Protection against overload and abnormal conditions

Some important Test’s tables from the issued report ….

Clause. No. Test Conducted Test Conditions Values Measured Results
Cl. 5.1 Touch Current Pluggable type – a maximum

Touch current  Should be Less than 3.5 mA


Under 4.53 µA



Cl. 5.2.2

High Voltage Test


Test voltage: : 1500 V

Test Duration: 1 min.

Test Part: Between shorted Polarity part and metal foil


No flashover/ Breakdown occur



Table 2

2.10.3 and 2.10.4 TABLE: Clearance and creepage distance  measurements P
Clearance (cl) and creepage distance (cr) at/of/between: Required

Cl (mm)


Cl (mm)


Cr (mm)


Cr (mm)

Between different polarity 0.4 5.52 0.4 5.52
Between different polarity 0.4 5.52 0.4 5.52

Table 4

4.5, 4.5.4 Thermal Requirement (Touch Temperature limit) P
Measured temperature of parts Maximum allowed temperature (°C) Measured temperature (°C)
External surface of metal part of controller 70°C N/A
PVC Insulation 75°C N/A
Metal 55°C N/A
Mode Switch (Plastic) 85°C 29.5
Note:- Ambient T max (°C)= 25.0

For your better understanding, we are going to show you the AC DC SMPS Adaptor Test report of latest Adaptor in the following:

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Earth leakage current Test according to (IEC 60601-1)

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What is leakage current :-  

High voltage is generated in an electrical appliance that use a chimerical power supply as its main power source. Should an abnormality occur in such an appliance(due to faulty design or fault), electric current flows through the body of anyone who touches the appliance. This electric current is called “ leakage current.”

Earth leakage current:-

The electric current that flow through a protective grounding wire to the ground is knows as earth leakage current.

Earth leakage current

Earth leakage current process

How to perform:-

For class I equipment, earth leakage current is measured as shown in figure 1. The earth leakage test is valid for class 1 equipment with Type B, BF and CF applied part.
According to IEC 60601-1 standard Earth Leakage Current (8.7.3 d) .  The allowable earth leakage current to 5mA in normal condition and 10mA under single fault condition.


1. As shown in the figure 1 , Connect the instrument to the equipment under test with the power cord.
2. Start earth leakage current measurement.

Contact Us for earth leakage current Testing

Contact Us for earth leakage current Testing


Pass criteria:-

1. The allowable earth leakage current to 5mA in normal condition and 10mA under single fault condition.

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