Lm-79 Testing Chennai, India

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Lm-79 Testing Chennai, India

If you are looking for Lm-79 testing service in Chennai Tamil Nadu India, ITC India Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory serve LM-79 Testing Service in Chennai, India. LM-79 Testing  is a Conduct of photometric test for LED luminaires. ITCindia document that the photometric laboratory must follow to test LED luminaires. Mostly it tells you how the luminaire must be tested and what instruction must be included in the photometric report.
A photometric report according to LM-79 Test will involve the luminaires photometric data

  • Lumens
  • Vertical distribution of the lumens
  • Color temperature  & electric data
  • Power, current.

LM-79 Testing  is an approved method for testing electrical and photometric analysis of solid state LED lighting products. LM-79 Test involve procedures for operating reproducible analysis of:

  • LEDs properties
  • Including: total flux
  • Electrical power
  • Efficacy and chromaticity

If you have any query regarding Lm-79 Testing and Certification. Kindly send us your testing requirements with the product technical details to submit you our testing charges.
We are waiting for your earliest reply. You can call or write us for any clarification
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