What is an insulation tester used for?

Insulation Resistance Testing

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Insulation Resistance Testing, Measurement of insulation Resistance (IR) 

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What is Insulation Resistance test?

Insulation Resistance test is based on Ohms law. The IR test is used to calculate the resistance by applying DC voltage of 250 V, 500 V or more as per the requirement for 1 min. the IR is measured in MΩ.

How to perform IR test?

To perform this test Hipot safety analyzer is owned by the company. First of all the connections are done. For this two leads are provided by testing machine. A test voltage of 500 V or more is applied for a minute.  The test instrument displays the result in pass or fails with the measure resistance value.

What are the benefits of IR test?

The main benefit of this test is personal safety. It is a quality control measure. The resistance specifies the quality of the insulation between two conductors. It is useful for monitoring insulation aging.

What is the requirement of the IR test?

The measured resistance should be greater than 2 M ohm for passing in the test. If it is less than 2 M ohm unfortunately, the sample fails.

What are the testing parameters of IR test?

A voltage of 500 V Dc is applied for a time period of 1 minute and the resistance is measured. As per the requirement of the standard, a sample many pass or fail.

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