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Solar Fence Energizer Testing

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Solar Fence Energizer Testing

Solar Fence Energizer Testing

If you are looking for Solar Fence Energizer Testing, ITC India Can Help You! ITC India NABL Accredited Laboratory one of the best Solar Fence Energizer Testing Service Provider in India.


  • IEC 60335-2-76
  • IS 302-2-76

Essential test:

  1. Protection against Electrical shock
  2. Electrical insulation at operating temperature
  3. Moist resistance
  4. Insulation resistance and electric strength (after humidity treatment)
  5. Stability and mechanical hazards
  6. Mechanical strength
  7. Constructions
  8. Internal Wiring
  9. Components
  10. Cord grip and cord guard
  11. Terminals for external conductors.
  • Provision for earthing
  • Screws and connections
  1. Creepage distances and clearances
  2. Resistance to heat fire and tracking

Test Report of the tested solar fence energizer: Full report is of 40 pages.

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Electric Fence Energizer Testing

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Electric Fence Energizer Testing As per IEC 60335-2-79/ IS 302-2-76

Electric Fence Energizer Testing As per IEC 60335-2-79/ IS 302-2-76

If you are looking for Electric Fence Energizer Testing service in India, ITCIndia one of the best Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory Providing Electric Fence Energizer Testing As per IEC 60335-2-79/ IS 302-2-76,  ITCIndia Electrical testing laboratory follow Indian Electricity Rules and Regulatory requirements of the Central and State Government, for safety.

If you are interested for Electric Fence EnergizerTesting,  Please send some details according this:–

  1. Any catalog
  2. Technical specification including – Voltage, wattage,power supply AC/DC etc.
  3. Any Picture to know the size

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