IP testing procedure | IP test for ingress of water

IP Testing Procedure

IP testing is generally done on enclosure which can be place indoor or outdoor to calculate the level of protection from water, dust or other solid objects. ITC India pvt ltd is capable to perform Ingress protection testing in its own premises. ITC has the calibrated nozzles, immersion tanks and dust chamber as demanded by standards.

ITC had created full facilities to do water and dust testing. All the IP testing is in its scope. All equipments are calibrated and are accurate to determine results. The Talcum powder used in Dust chamber is also as per IEC 60529 to test accurately.

We would like to discuss IP testing against water in details……

First of all, we will elaborate the IP against water. For IP X5 and IPX6, the EUT to be tested is placed on the proper stand with a maintained distance of 2.5 – 3 m between nozzles to enclosure as per standard requirement. Then comes the nozzles (12.5mm or 6.3mm), a nozzle as per requirement is being selected. Now we have to apply the pressure. A pressure of 12.5 l/min ±5 % is applied while using   6.3mm nozzle and the pressure of 100 l/min ± 5 % is applied while using 12.5mm nozzle for 3 mins duration. Then a visual inspection is done for the any water present inside the enclosure.

For IP X4, the EUT is placed on the stand. A oscillating tube rotates at an angle of 180° vertically sprays the water on EUT.  The nozzles of oscillating tube spray water at 0.07 l/min ± 5 % per hole multiplied by number of holes i.e.10l/min ±5 %. The duration of the test is 10 min. after the test, engineer visually inspect for any water leaks by EUTs.

For IPX7, the EUT is fully immersed in water at level of 150 mm excluding the height of the sample. The test is performed for 30 mins.

For IPX8, the EUT is immersed in water 1 m above from the bottom of enclosure. The test is performed for 24 hr or as per manufacturer demand.

IP X1, IP X2 and IP X3 are also performed in the lab.

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